Create Tabs

Any window or Command Palette can be displayed as a horizontal or vertical tab.

Click on the Grasp Icon in the window or right-click in a Command Palette and select the Convert to Tab option.

Group Tabs

Tip:When you drop a Grasp Icon onto another Grasp Icon, both become tabs, even if the target was not a tab.

You can display a window or icon palette as a tab. To create the tab, click the Grasp Icon and choose Make Tab. To move a tab from one group to another, drag the tab’s Grasp Icon onto a tab or Grasp Icon in the target group. The mouse pointer changes to a hand to indicate where the tab will be inserted.

Insertion is possible when the pointer changes to a hand.
Icon palettes make great tabs!

If you drop the tab onto a Grasp Icon, it is inserted after the Grasp Icon’s tab. If you drop the tab onto a tab, it is inserted before the Grasp Icon’s tab provided you released the hand icon on the left half of the tab; otherwise, it will be inserted after the tab. You can use the icon palettes as tabs as well.

If you place the mouse pointer over a tabs group you can use the mouse’s scroll wheel to "page through" the tabs.

Converting tabs to windows

To convert a window displayed as a tab to a freestanding window, drag the tab’s Grasp Icon slightly to the left and release the mouse button.

Here the Object Manager is being undocked.
The undocked Object Manager.