Create Markers...

The Create Markers command can be used to create single or multiple Markers (also interactively as described here). The following dialog window will open:


Here you can define the Name (single Marker) or the prefix (multiple Markers). For multiple Markers, the prefix, including the continuous numbering, will be used.


Markers can also be assigned to layers. A Marker can, for example, be hidden if the corresponding layer is hidden.

Single Marker


This is the frame at which the Marker is created.


Markers can be used to mark a temporal span, which can be defined here.


Here you can define the Marker’s color.

Multiple Markers

Note:If you want to move individual Markers, e.g., 10 frames back, select all Markers here (e.g., with a rectangular Selection) and enter x+10 in the Time field of the Attribute Manager’s Marker settings.


You can create any number of Markers at once. This is done using the following settings:


Here you can define the number of Markers per minute or an absolute number, which will be generated within a defined time span in accordance with the next setting.

Example: The project length is 1000 frames. If you enter 100 here, the following will result:

Use Preview Range

If enabled, the Markers will only be created in the Timeline’s preview area, otherwise they will be created along the entire project length.

Use Length

If enabled, the Marker lengths will be adjusted so they each reach the next Marker.

Color Gradient

This color gradient can be used to color the Markers one after the other. If you want the same color for all Markers, delete all handles except the one for the color you want to use.

Create Markers at View Boundary

Sets markers at both the left and right borders of the visible Timeline.

Create Marker at Current Frame

Sets a marker at the current frame, i.e., where the Timeslider is currently located.

Delete All Markers

Deletes all existing markers.

Set Marker to Selection

Sets markers on the first and last keys of a given selection. When in F-Curve mode, only the currently visible key selection will receive markers. Selected keys of hidden curves will be ignored.


Create Marker from Key Selection

See previous Set Marker to Selection command, only that here the range markers and no individual markers will be created.

Delete All Markers

Deletes all existing markers.