Guide Object

Even though the Snap settings with their Dynamic Guides (see also Dynamic Guides and Points) already cover most of the guide functionality, these are temporary and will be deleted after the respective tool action has been completed. It can often be useful to have permanent guides (guide planes are also included in the Guide object) that are saved with the Project and fit perfectly into the ,normal’ Cinema 4D workflow.

Guides are best created using the Guide Tool because it adheres entirely to the Snap function’s rules. Guides have 2 Handles - one for positioning and center point, and one for rotation (when using the Move tool). Guides can also be subsequently positioned using the Guide tool with the Snap function enabled (whereby the Handles will be treated equally).

Elements can be snapped to Guide lines and planes if the Guide Snap option is enabled. Guidelines will not be rendered - they only serve to help position and orient elements.