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Downloading Redshift

There are two primary ways to download Redshift, one option is to manually download and run the Redshift installer and the other is to use the Maxon App. Both methods require you to follow the same installation process but Maxon App has the added benefit of being able to automatically check to see if there are new versions of Redshift available compared to what is currently installed on your system.

Please see the Maxon App documentation for help getting up and running with Maxon App.

To start a free trial of Redshift, visit


Manual Download

To manually download the latest Redshift customer installer, visit

You will need to be registered and logged in to access the download links.


Maxon App Download

To download the latest version of Redshift with the Maxon App, launch Maxon App and find Redshift in the list of available software. The install button will change between the following options depending on the current status of Redshift on your system.

After downloading, proceed to the installation section below for the next steps.


Update Up To Date


Installing Redshift

The following sections describe step-by-step how to install Redshift on your computer.

Installing Redshift on Windows

Installing Redshift on Linux

Installing Redshift on macOS

Custom Install Locations