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Function available in CINEMA 4D Prime, Visualize, Broadcast, Studio & BodyPaint 3D


When you use the Cut or Copy commands, the selected items are copied into a structure in memory known as the clipboard. When you select the Paste command, the data in the clipboard is inserted into the current scene. For example, to copy an item from one scene to another scene, open both scenes, activate the scene that contains the item, copy the item, activate the other scene and then paste.

The size of the clipboard is determined by the size of the data stored there. For example, if you copy an 18MB item, the clipboard will use 18MB of memory. You may want to purge the clipboard to free up memory, especially before you render. To purge the clipboard, cut a null object. The null object wastes only a few bytes.


Deletes the selected items or elements from the current scene and copies them (including materials) to the clipboard. the items can be copied back from the clipboard with the Paste command.


You can copy and paste objects / tags using Drag & drop in the Object Manager — Ctrl-drag one of the selected object’s names to a new position in the Object Manager.

Copies the selected objects or elements (including materials) to the clipboard. The objects can be copied from the clipboard to the active Project with the Paste command. You can paste repeatedly to create additional copies.


Inserts the contents of the clipboard (i.e. the last items cut or copied there) into the active scene.


Deletes the selected objects or elements from the current scene without copying them to the clipboard.