Reference Cinema 4D Cinema 4D Prime Animate Menu Timeline
Function available in CINEMA 4D Prime, Visualize, Broadcast, Studio & BodyPaint 3D

Objects Area

Left: the R will be displayed for curves in Auto Relative mode. Right: A complete animation track, including keys, is transferred onto another object (copied with Ctrl).

In the Objects Area you will find all objects, tags, materials, shaders, post effects, XPresso and Material Nodes and their corresponding animation tracks.

Almost all items, with the exception of directory names such as Objects, Position, etc., can be renamed. To do so, simply double-click the item or select an item and press the F2 key.

Using the layer functionality you can determine which items should be displayed in the Objects Area. The view is hierarchical, which ensures a better overview of the items it contains. All animated properties belonging to a given object are displayed in this hierarchy, as well as any tags assigned to that object. Clicking on the + or - will open and close the hierarchy (the entire hierarchy can be opened by simultaneously pressing the Ctrl-key).

Shaders and post effects will appear in the hierarchy of the corresponding material or render settings (make sure you know in which scene’s path they are located). Materials and render settings are only displayed in the Document path. To display the current path, activate Show Path Bar in the View menu.

Each object, tag, material, shader, etc., as well as each vector track (e.g., if all position tracks have been consolidated under Position) has a master track in the Keys Area. The master keys are located on the master track (see also Selection and the Concept Behind Master Keys).

An item can have any number of animation tracks. If an item has more than one of the same track, e.g., two Position X tracks, only the first one will be used, the second will be ignored.

Once an item has been selected, all child animation tracks (also those of child objects within the hierarchy) will be selected, including all corresponding keys. This lets you easily select and edit entire hierarchical animations.

Items can be selected as follows:

The following keyboard shortcuts apply when selecting certain tracks:

Selected tracks, including keys, can be easily transferred to another object via drag & drop. Simultaneously pressing the Ctrl-key will copy, not move, the tracks.

The following limits apply:

Select Cube a (all tracks will be selected automatically) and drag it onto Cube b. All animation tracks from Cube a will be transferred to Cube b.

If you activate Bubble Help in the Preferences’ Interface menu the interpolated animation value will not only be shown in the status bar but also directly at the cursor when you move it over a given animation track name.