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Function available in CINEMA 4D Visualize, Broadcast, Studio

Team Render Troubleshooting

No Computers appear on Team Render list.

Problem: Computers are not displayed in the Team Render list despite Bonjour being installed.


  1. Make sure both computers (server and render client) are physically connected with each other or connected to the network (LAN).
  2. Make sure the Announce Service Via Bonjour option and/or Announce Service To Local Network is enabled in the Preferences menu.
  3. For Windows: Resetting the system Firewall or an incorrectly configured connection rule for a third-party firewall can prevent Bonjour and/or Cinema 4D from accessing the network. With regard to the system firewall, re-installing Bonjour (e.g., by re-installing iTunes) should resolve the problem. Experienced users can manually correct the firewall’s connection rules.

General information regarding firewalls

Current-generation operating systems are all equipped with a firewall software (also referred to as "personal" or "desktop" firewall) by default. This software monitors network traffic and blocks unknown network queries. The firewall must therefore be informed that a newly installed software is "permitted" to access the network and vice-versa.

Firewall types:

Local computer cannot be accessed

Problem: It can occur that a server cannot access its own render client named "local machine". This can be caused by a firewall blocking access to its own computer (but can in turn allow external computers access). Cinema 4D cannot access "localhost" or the IP

Solution: Check your firewall settings.

Client computer(s) cannot be accessed

Problem: The server does not display computers in the Team Render Machines list although they are in the same network.

Solution 1: Manually defined (via the Add Machine... command) IP addresses or host names are invalid. Make sure that these are correct.

Solution 2: The render client’s firewall is blocking the connection. Check the firewall settings.

Problem: The render client is grayed out (wrong build ID).

Solution: The render client has a different software version as the server (e.g., R15.024 instead of R15 R15.037). Update your render client’s software version.

Problem: The render client doesn’t respond ("no answer").

Solution: The render client’s firewall is blocking outgoing connections or its own firewall’s incoming connections. Check the firewall settings.

Problem: Security Token incorrect/modified.

Solution: The render client’s Security Token (Preferences / Renderer / Team Render) may have been changed. Check and re-verify the Security Token.

A render client is not rendering

Problem: Even though render clients (green) are defined for Team Render, they are not participating in rendering.

Solution 1: Check if the render clients are using the same software version as the server. In addition, all plugins must also be installed on all respective computers.

Solution 2: In rare instances, synchronization problems can lead to faulty information being displayed. The render client will nevertheless render.