Reference Cinema 4D Cinema 4D Prime Configuration Information for administrators
Function available in CINEMA 4D Prime, Visualize, Broadcast, Studio & BodyPaint 3D

Environment Variables

Environment variables can be defined in the following way, e.g., zu make specific directories/files accessible for various Cinema 4D versions or users.

For Windows (environment variables cannot officially be used under MacOS due to security reasons):

The following environment variables are available:


  • g_prefspath: Here you can define a path to which user-specific files (e.g., layout, user preferences, etc.) to a custom directory instead of to a standard user directory.

  • C4D_SCRIPTS_DIR: Set a path like c:\scripts (or a network path) to load Python or C.O.F.F.E.E scripts in any Cinema 4D version.
  • Multiple paths can be separated using a semicolon (;).

    Variables that begin with g_ can also be used as command line arguments.