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Function available in CINEMA 4D Prime, Visualize, Broadcast, Studio & BodyPaint 3D

Axis Center

The main purpose for this tool is to quickly and easily set the object axis of a polygonal (not parametric!) object. Furthermore, the complete object (even parametric) can be moved to a defined position, including its axis.

The tool affects selected object(s).


This option must be active if you want to move the axes/objects.


Use this setting to define exactly what should be moved:


Use this setting to define how the center, which can consist of different object points, should be calculated.

X, Y, Z

If Axis to or Object to are used in conjunction with a deactivated Points Center option, the X, Y, and Z settings will also be made available. These three settings apply to the dimensions of the object’s bounding box. Object axis and geometry can be placed anywhere within this box.


Activate this option if the object axis should be rotated.


Use this setting to define which axis should be rotated. You can select from:


Use this setting to define the direction the axis defined in the Alignment setting should take:

Points Center

This option only makes sense if All Points is selected in the Center setting. The center of all object points will then be ascertained and the axis positioned there.

Position, Rotation, Scale

These settings define which parameter should be assumed for the To Parent and Parent to options.

Include Children

Use this setting to define if the currently selected object’s Child object (or its axis) should also be moved in accordance with the described function.

Use All Objects

Enable this option in addition to the Include Children option if, for example, you have numerous objects grouped beneath a Null object and you want to move the Null object to the center of its Child objects.

Otherwise the enabled option will center the axis of the first object of a group of objects in the Object Manager list.

Auto Update

If active, all changes made in the Center Axis dialog window will be displayed in the editor view without having to press the Execute button.

Editor Update

This option makes sure the object axis is updated for the Axis to option.

Center Axis to
Center Object to
Center Parent to
Center to Parent
View Center

These commands reflect the commands just described above. If desired, hotkeys can be assigned to each of these commands.