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Function available in CINEMA 4D Prime, Visualize, Broadcast, Studio & BodyPaint 3D


Here you can change the projection simply by clicking on the appropriate button such as the Sphere button for spherical projection (or even faster without a Texture tag using the Set from Projection command).

From top left to bottom right: Sphere, Cylinder, Frontal, Flat, Cubic, Cubic 2, Box, Shrink.

Additional projection types:

How the algorithm works

First a bounding box is placed around the selected UV polygons (or object polygons). This bounding box will represent the texture later on. If Fit To Selection is disabled, the bounding box will enclose the entire object.

You can choose how the bounding box is aligned using the drop-down list. Choose from Object System (the texture’s axes run parallel to the object’s axes), World System (the texture’s axes run parallel to the world system’s axes), Average Normal (the texture’s Z axis points in the average direction of the Normals) or Weighted Normals (the texture’s Z axis is the summary of the Normal vectors, whereby weighting is done according to polygon size; large polygons have a correspondingly greater influence).

As with most UV commands, the best setting depends on the nature of the object.