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UV Mode


In case you miss the UV Point and UV Polygon modes from previous versions of Cinema 4D: These were removed and replaced with the existing Use Point and Use Polygon modes. In addition, the Use Edge mode in the UV Editor was integrated, i.e., Edges can now also be selected and edited.

Therefore, when you switch to Use Polygon mode, UV polygons can also be selected and edited in the Texture UV Editor. The same applies to Use Point and Use Edge modes.

Selections are made synchronously in the Perspective Viewport and the Texture UV Editor. This will save users a lot of clicks in the future!

The UV Mode is important when editing (e.g., moving) in the Perspective Viewport:

This mode has no meaning when working in the UV Editor alone (except that, if disabled, different options will be made available for the Selection, Move, Scale and Rotate tools depending on which Manager is active - Texture UV Editor or 3D Viewport). The active Manager is highlighted with a thin white outline.