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Function available in CINEMA 4D Visualize, Studio


PolyTrans is a powerful conversion tool that can convert an (almost) innumerable number of 3D formats. Among the formats included are those from 3D visualization programs as well as CAD programs. All of these formats can now be imported or exported using the Okino plug-in in Cinema 4D. Okino does not even have to be started separately, it simply has to be installed on your computer. PolyTrans, fort the most part, remains in the background, making itself noticeable only by its import filters and a few info windows when the Okino plug-in is in use.

Unproblematic exchanges of data may not always be possible due to the wide variety and complexity of the various formats (in some cases parametric formats such as IGES, for example, will be converted to polygons). Always take into account that additional work may be required when working with foreign formats. Not all of a particular format’s properties will necessarily be converted to another format without loss of data, or even at all. Also, take some time to test the different PolyTrans import options to find out which ones benefit your workflow the most.