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Function available in CINEMA 4D Visualize, Studio

Import / Export


Simply open any file using File / Open. The plug-in will recognize if the file type is supported and, if so, will automatically open PolyTrans. PolyTrans will display an import filter where you can make the appropriate settings (please refer to the PolyTrans documentation for information regarding these options). As soon as you click on OK the scene will be imported into Cinema 4D.

In addition to geometry, the import function supports the following items within a given format:

How Does the PolyTrans Import Work?

The following will take place as soon as a given file format has been imported using the PolyTrans plug-in:

  1. PolyTrans will load the scene in the background. A filter will open with which you can set the import options.

  2. PolyTrans will export the scene to the LightWave 3D format using PolyTrans’ own LightWave 3D export filters (you can find and adjust these settings by clicking on the Select Intermediate File import Options button under Preferences / Import / Export / Okino / Import).

    The option Write Polygons to a single .lwo object file must be deactivated. Otherwise problems may occur.

  3. Cinema 4D will import the LightWave 3D scene, for which Cinema 4D’s own LightWave 3D import settings will be used.


If you want to export a Cinema 4D scene you will find several additional formats (each with a default Okino extension) that can be exported using PolyTrans. Only those formats supported can be exported. The following items can also be exported as long as they are supported by the corresponding format:

How Does the PolyTrans Export Work?

The following will happen as soon as you export a scene using an Okino format:

  1. Cinema 4D will export the scene using the FBX exchange format.

  2. PolyTrans will import the FBX scene using its FBX import dialog settings (these settings can be accessed and changed by clicking on the Select Intermediate File import Options button in Cinema 4D).

  3. PolyTrans will export the scene using a Filter specific to the export format used. The export settings can also be defined in the filter window that opens.