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Robert McNeel & Associates Rhinoceros

Rhinoceros is a NURBS modeler for Windows and supports many different file formats and offers a large variety of settings for exporting IGES files. After selecting Save As in the File menu, the user can select a file name and the desired format. Upon confirmation the following dialog window will open.

Rhinoceros IGES export options

If the dialog window appears as shown above, select Detailed Controls. The user can then select from predefined export settings. If no settings are yet available for export to Cinema 4D, the user can add settings in the Edit Types menu. A dialog window will open in which all available settings are displayed.

Rhinoceros IGES export types

New settings can be added by selecting New.

Recommended settings:

Rhinoceros IGES Type Details (part 1)

Rhinoceros IGES Type Details (part 1)

Rhinoceros IGES Type Details (part 1)

Rhinoceros is well-suited for the conversion of IGES files that originate from applications not currently available or that contain geometry that is not supported.