Cinema 4D / BodyPaint 3D Program Documentation Reference Cinema 4D Additional Functions Advanced Render
Function available in CINEMA 4D Visualize, Studio


With Advanced Render, you have great flexibility when adding lens flares and glows to your pictures. Dozens of parameters enable you to adjust almost any aspect of the glow, from the number of beams to the size of each element. In addition, you can add flares and glows to specular highlights to achieve complex effects with ease, such as jewels that sparkle, flying logos where metallic or shiny objects catch the light or water surfaces that shimmer on a sunny day.

Do not confuse the Specular highlight in the Reflectance material channel with the Highlights post effect. The former is rendered whereas the latter is calculated based on the brightness of pixels in the rendered image.

For clarity and consistency in this chapter, the word highlights refers to all aspects of the Highlights post effect, including glows, rings and beams.

These highlights have been exaggerated for illustrative purposes.

The Highlights filter is a post effect that you select in the render settings on the Effects page.

After you have selected Highlights on the Effects page, the Highlights settings will appear. These settings are described in the following pages.

All parameters can be animated by right-clicking on a given parameter. Details can be found in the Post Effectssection.

Since the Specular parameter is also a post effect, parameters considered to be insignificant can end up causing various effects. For example, a Specular parameter with an active antialiasing option can look differently than when the antialiasing option is disabled, which is a result of the dispersion of brightness being different along the edges.