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Script Log

Script Log...

The Script Log contains – documents – all commands called up in Cinema 4D, all parameters modified in the Attribute Manager, etc.

Simple, repetitive workflow procedures can be sped up using the Script Manager, even without prior scripting skills.

Let’s say you have a cylinder primitive that you want to make editable and whose caps you want to connect to the rest of the object (which is the case with the introduction of Cinema 4D R20). Follow these steps to create such a script:

Voilà, a small but useful script that saves you quite a number of mouse clicks.

The Script Log still contains both of the commands Copy and Select All, which can be accesses via right-click with the mouse.

Note also the Visual Selector, which can also be fed with commands (see Command). Regions of an image can be defined in which a specific command will be executed when clicked upon.