Reference Cinema 4D Additional Functions Sculpting Sculpting Layer Manager
Function available in CINEMA 4D Studio & BodyPaint 3D

Layer Menu

All of the commands described here pertain to the active Sculpt object. If multiple Sculpt objects are selected, the top-most object in the Object Manager will be affected.

Add Layer

Adds a new Layer for the current subdivision level.

Add Folder

Creates a new folder.

Delete Layer

Deletes the selected Layer or folder (including its contents).

Clear Layer

Removes the Layer’s contents but does not delete the Layer itself.

Copy Mask
Paste Mask

With these commands, the masks on the currently selected layer can be copied (to the RAM) and pasted onto a different layer with the same (!) subdivision level.

Clear Mask

Deletes a Layer’s mask.

Invert Mask

Inverts a mask’s effect (for the selected Layer): areas not previously masked will be masked and vice-versa. This can, for example, be useful if you have applied a text as a mask using the Stamp function. If the mask is inverted only the letters can be sculpted.

Hide Masked
Show Masked

The masked regions of the head on the left can be hidden.

Hiding regions of objects can help when working on a single part of a given object. These commands let you hide and show specific masked regions of an object.

Note that this only works for the current subdivision level. As soon as you switch to a different subdivision level, all masked regions will again be visible.

Merge Visible

Merges all visible Layers (those with Visible enabled) for the current subdivision level to the selected Layer. The Base Object Layer will not be included. However, if the Base Object Layer is selected when this command is executed, all visible Layers will be merged using the Base Object Layer’s subdivision level.


Flattens all Layers of all subdivision levels to the Base Object Layer.

Delete Higher Levels

Deletes all subdivision levels (including their Layers) that have a greater subdivision level than the selected Level. This frees memory that would otherwise be required for higher subdivisions. Note that information at higher (visible) levels will be condensed with the current level. This will cause shapes at these higher levels to be lost (even though they will be reduced to the current subdivision level).

This command cannot be undone!!