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Function available in CINEMA 4D Prime, Visualize, Broadcast, Studio & BodyPaint 3D

FBX Import / Export

The FBX file format, which was originally developed by Kaydara and currently owned by Autodesk, is supported by most major 3D applications, including of course Autodesk’s MotionBuilder software. FBX files are capable of storing not only geometry (and Splines) but also texture, animation, light and camera (incl. stereo cameras) data. Note that not all object data (e.g., all Cinema 4D light parameters) can be transferred but only data that can also be interpreted by other applications.

Supported material properties

The following list contains the supported material properties. The FBX properties are listed on the left and the corresponding Cinema 4D property is listed on the right. These can be converted accordingly.

FBXCinema 4D
Emissive/EmissiveFactor Luminance channel: color, texture/brightness
Ambient/AmbientFactor Environment channel: color, texture/brightness
Diffuse/DiffuseFactor/Alpha Color channel: color, texture/brightness/image alpha
Specular/SpecularFactor Specular channel: color, texture/brightness
Shininess Reflectance channel: width, roughness
NormalMap Normal channel: Textur
Bump/BumpFactor Bump channel: texture/strength
TransparentColor/TransparencyFactor Transparency channel: color, texture/brightness
Reflection/ReflectionFactor Reflectance channel: color, texture/brightness
DisplacementColor/DisplacementFactor Displacement channel: texture/strength

Note that a texture in the Alpha channel will only work if the identical texture is loaded into the Color channel.

Textures loaded into the Reflectance channel as Width or Roughness will be exported and imported as Shineness or Glossiness.