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Function available in CINEMA 4D Studio

Technical Details

The following information only applies to users who want to create their own Houdini Assets (note also the Get more information … command).

In Houdini, it’s better to group nodes in a subnet before you create an Asset. If you want to use an Input Object in Cinema 4D, make sure you enter values in the Basic tab’s Minimum Inputs and Maximum Inputs settings in the Editor Operatory Type Properties’ menu and also link them. The Sub-Network Inut #x setting will then also be displayed in Cinema 4D.

This is how geometry is transferred (marshalled) to the Asset.

You can also use the Object Merge node as an alternative to the Subnets.

Please note also that objects used as input parameters to an asset will marshall information about the Cinema 4D point, polygon and Material tags, which may be received by output mesh generators to clone the original Cinema 4D Material tags and preserve the point and polygon selection tag names. This provides a "pass-through" solution to preserve Cinema 4D materials and texture settings on geometry marshalled into and received from Houdini after cooking.

Output Generators

The Output Generators can convert the following Houdini properties to Cinema 4D:

Creating and supporting Mesh Generators:

Creating and supporting Particle Generators:

NOTE: a default Life value of 100 seconds is assigned to particles, same as Houdini. This value will be used if no "life" attribute is not provided.

Asset Generators

The following elements are currently accepted:

For polygon meshes, the following elements will be transferred within the summarized object: