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Function available in CINEMA 4D Prime, Visualize, Broadcast, Studio & BodyPaint 3D


All particle modifiers (with the exception of Deflector and Destructor) can now assume diverse forms. In addition, it is now possible to decrease the Attractor’s strength (falloff), from the center point outwards, in conjunction with various functions over the course of defined radii. Falloff and shape will be visible in the editor:

Shape: Yellow

Abatement: Light green (inner radius), dark green (outer radius)

Modifiers also affect other elements

A "Rotation Object" Modifier affects a Hair Object (HAIR), a number of Splines (spline dynamics), flags (Cloth) and a MoSpline.

Particle modifiers not only affect particles but these elements as well:

Imagine points instead of particles that are influenced by the modifiers. These points are Guide points (HAIR), Spline points (Spline Dynamics, MoSpline) or object points (Cloth). Note that not all modifiers can be used effectively outside of a particle system. For example, Deflector and Destructor objects will function only in a limited fashion if at all. However, Wind, Turbulence and Rotation objects will always work.