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Function available in CINEMA 4D Prime, Visualize, Broadcast, Studio & BodyPaint 3D

Enable Axis

The previous Object Axis mode (now Axis mode) is no longer only a mode but can be used in combination with the Object, Model and component (points, edges, polygons) modes. Hence, this mode also serves as an expanded modeling axis when editing points, edges and polygons (see below).

It is often necessary to move an object’s origin, for example to be able to rotate around this point in an animation. Temporarily repositioning the axis can also be useful when modeling. This is exactly what can be done with this mode. Using the L hotkey you can switch quickly to this mode and back.

When rotating or moving the axes of a hierarchical object, all axes of the child objects will be changed. If these child objects have animation tracks, errors will occur in the animation, since the axes of the parent system will have changed. This is why, before creating the animation, it is important to first define the axes.

Component Mode (points, edges, polygons)

A workflow example for changing the modeling axis:

When editing object components, the Axis mode can be used to temporarily move or rotate the modeling axis. Don’t mix this function up with the Move tool’s modeling axis settings (see Axis), whose settings are of a global nature and will be calculated when you make a selection.

When temporarily adjusting the modeling axis (make sure to avoid multiple selections in the Object Manager – only the object to be edited should be selected), the following control options are available: