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Function available in CINEMA 4D Prime, Visualize, Broadcast, Studio & BodyPaint 3D

Seed Values

At various locations in Cinema 4D where random values are dispersed, you will find a Seed setting. These values make "varied" random sequences available. Often, a series of random numbers is required, which are then fed internally to functions. This can, for example, be applied to a Landscape object or Noise shader:

Each have different start values for both the Landscape object and the Noise shader.

What’s special about this seed value is that the numbers that are generated are not entirely random but start from the seed value, which means that the same seed value (within a given function) will produce the same, reproducible random sequences. For example a Seed value of 638 for a Landscape object will produce the exact same geometry on any computer or program version. There is no correlation between small seed value differences and their results: values of 638 and 639 will produce entirely different random sequences. Almost all Seed value settings in Cinema 4D work according to this principle.

There are, however, Seed values (e.g., for the Random Effector) for which the aforementioned small seed value differences do make a difference. If a decimal place is modified (e.g., from 683.2 to 638.3), the ramdom sequences will be similar.