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Export Filter

A scene can also be exported to a foreign file format for subsequent work in other 3D software. The file types described below are available. Cinema 4D automatically adds the relevant file extension to the file. Each 3D program works differently, therefore it is not always possible to convert all information within a scene. Further, the result will always differ according to the materials and lighting used, so a manual re-working may be necessary.

For information on the settings of the following and other formats.

3D Studio R4 (.3DS)

Common data format under DOS/Windows. 3D Studio was the predecessor to 3D Studio MAX. The last freely available file format is release 4; the MAX data format is not available to other manufacturers. In principle the MAX format is not generally readable since MAX (like Cinema 4D) uses parametric objects, which are useless without their associated specific algorithm. For example, a teapot is not saved with points and surfaces, but only with the dimensions and the subdivision rate.

Allplan (.XML)

An older export format for Allplan 2005, 2006. Export is now done via Allplan file exchange.

Bullet (.BULLET)

This export format is useful for game developers because Cinema 4D can be used as an editor with which physics can be exported. The exported *.bullet file can then be incorporated into a bullet-based game engine.

It can export all except the following:

In other words, the following can be exported:

Direct3D / DirectX (X)

Direct3D is a Microsoft-specific 3D format, which is used by Windows (provided DirectX is installed). This export module is particularly useful to game developers.


One of the most common graphics file formats. Nearly all professional 3D packages support DXF. Cinema 4D splines are generally written as polylines, independent of the surface settings for polygons.


The FBX format is a 3D data exchange format developed by Kaydara. FBX is supported by all major 3D animation applications, including Kaydara’s MOTIONBUILDER software.

Illustrator (.AI)

With this format you can (if you own Cinema 4D Visualize or Studio) export simple lines or textures (see Illustrator Export) in Adobe Illustrator format (version 3).

QuickDraw 3D (3DM)

The standard format for three-dimensional graphics on the Apple Macintosh.


COLLADA is a universal 3D exchange format (similar to FBX) that is supported by all major 3D applications.


Commonly used in the field of rapid prototyping, to create molds.

VRML2 (.stl)

See VRML 2 Export.

Wavefront (OBJ)

A common 3D data format in the UNIX world, developed by Alias.