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Function available in CINEMA 4D Prime, Visualize, Broadcast, Studio & BodyPaint 3D

Convert Selection

Convert Selection

With this command you can convert one type of selection to another, such as a polygon selection to a point selection. After choosing the command, the Convert Selection dialog opens. You will find two columns in the dialog. The left column defines what you are converting from and the right column what you are converting to. For example, to convert a point selection to a polygon selection, enable Points in the left column, enable Polygons in the right column and click OK. Cinema 4D will switch to polygon mode automatically so that you can see the new polygon selection in the viewport.

The two options named Current represent the current selection mode. This can be points, edges or polygons depending on whether the Points, Edges or Polygons tool is selected. For example, if the left column is set to Current and the right to Polygons, the following applies:

If the Tolerant option is enabled, all neighboring elements are selected. Suppose you have selected a point on a Cube and you want to convert this to a polygon selection. If Tolerant is enabled, all polygons that use the point will be selected. If Tolerant is disabled, no polygons will be selected.

You can also convert the selection by Ctrl-clicking the appropriate tool. For example, to convert a point selection to a polygon selection, Ctrl-click the Polygons tool.