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Function available in CINEMA 4D Prime, Visualize, Broadcast, Studio & BodyPaint 3D

Plugins Menu

Older plug-ins that are not specifically created for use with Cinema 4D R20 will no longer work. Please contact the respective plug-in developer.

Plugins are auxiliary modules that extend the function range of a program. In Cinema 4D, plugins are able, for example, to automate particular functions, to make new tools available (perhaps for modeling or animation), to add new import and export filters or to add new shaders.

Plugins can be created in many different ways. SDKs (Software Development Kits) are available in the following languages:

Information and support can be found exclusively at

Plugins can be developed freely by anyone and offered for sale. However, MAXON, as the manufacturer of Cinema 4D, has no influence on the quality of these plugins and you should assure yourself as to the value-for-money and usefulness of a plugin before purchase.

We give as much support as possible to all vendors and developers of plugins — however, if a problem should arise with one of these products, please contact the manufacturer of the plugin directly. Please understand that MAXON can give no information on, or provide technical support for, products from other manufacturers.

As already mentioned, plugins can solve many diverse tasks and therefore, after installation, your new plugin may appear in different places within the Cinema 4D menu structure. Please always consult the vendor’s documentation that was supplied with your plugin. If there is no special information to be found in the help, a plugin will usually be found on the Plugins menu.

You cannot add new plugins while Cinema 4D is running, Instead, quit Cinema 4D first, then install the plugins. When you next start Cinema 4D, the plugins will load automatically.

Execute Last Plugin

This command gives you a quick way to call the last plugin used, especially if you assign a shortcut to this command using the Command manager.

Reload Python Plugins

With these commands, existing Python plugins, respectively, can be reloaded (from the corresponding directories). Hence, if you have made a modification to the plugin’s source code, the plugin can be reloaded without having to restart Cinema 4D.


Displays a list of any plugins that have been installed.