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Function available in CINEMA 4D Prime, Visualize, Broadcast, Studio & BodyPaint 3D

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Show Help...

Open the Cinema 4D help documentation here.

MAXON Support...

This is where all the most current information regarding Cinema 4D can be found (an internet browser and internet connection are required) so you can stay up-to-date.

Online Learning...

If an internet connection exists, the MAXON Learning website will open if this command is executed. Here you will find links to valuable Cinema 4D learning resources.

Check for Updates...

The online updater

Cinema 4D Release 11.0 now offers a new online updater. You no longer have to download installation files, whose installation often led to preferences, presets, etc. being reset to their default values. The Cinema 4D R11 online updater only deletes or replaces files relevant to a given update.

Updates can consist of anything from software components to libraries, e.g., Content Browser, languages, help files, etc.

If you do not receive automatic updates despite having an internet connection, it could be that a proxy is in the way. In this case, please read the information about the proxy server

A more precise description of the Online Updater’s functions can be found in the installation guide.

Supplemental information for the installation guide ("Create a backup copy prior to installation):

If the recovery of an older version using the *.bat file does not work: The backup file is a Zip file that will be split if it is larger than 500MB. If this happens, both files must be unzipped in the same directory while maintaining the folder structure:

  • Windows, e.g., WinZip: Select all zipped files of a single archive and right-click on one. Select Unzip to ….
  • MacOS 10: This is somewhat more complicated.

    1. First, unzip all archives individually
    2. Open the Terminal from the utility programs
    3. Enter the following: cd /[path to first unzipped folder]" or type cd (incl. subsequent space) and drag the folder into the Terminal and press Enter
    4. Type: cp -r * /[path to target folder] or drag the target folder into the Terminal and press Enter (if "Permission denied" appears, type sudo prior to cp. You must then enter your user password)

Repeat these steps for all unzipped folders in order to copy them recursively into the desired directory.

If the target folder contains the updated Cinema 4D version, delete the folder’s contents before copying into it.

Manual Installation...

This command can be used if you are working on a computer with no Internet connection. Selecting this command will open a file selection dialog window in which you can navigate to the file you would like to install.

Update files have the suffix *.c4dupdate and are normally available on the MAXON Website.

Alternatively, the update file can be dragged and dropped onto the Cinema 4D interface or loaded via the Open command.

Register Online...

Selecting this command will open a Web browser (internet connection must, of course, be active) to the MAXON registration page where you can register your product (without having to type in any temporary serial numbers - in as far as these have already been entered). More information regarding registration can be found here.


This opens the Registration dialog so you can enter the final serial number of Cinema 4D and/or BodyPaint 3D. You will receive your final serial number(s) once you have registered your purchase with MAXON Computer or your local MAXON distributor. You can register by completing the registration card that was included with your MAXON software, or you can register online at


If you have your serial number available in electronic format (e.g., copied to the clipboard from a MAXON email) all you have to do is click on the Paste button in the serial number field.

Note that the personalization dialog looks different for license servers. Error messages may also be shown.

Your initial serial number will expire after three months of use, after which you will no longer be able to use the program. Please register at the earliest opportunity. You can also register online.


This opens the same info screen that appears while the program loads. Use this screen to check the version number of Cinema 4D — please quote this when contacting our Technical Support department. To close the window, click on it.