Cinema 4D / BodyPaint 3D Program Documentation Reference Cinema 4D Cinema 4D Prime Attribute Manager
Function available in CINEMA 4D Prime, Visualize, Broadcast, Studio & BodyPaint 3D

Edit, Copy, Paste


Use these commands to copy values between parameters. Select the parameters whose values you want to copy. Choose Copy. Next, select the parameters that should receive the copied values and choose Paste.

Select All
Deselect All

Use these commands to select or deselect parameters.

Set as Default

Settings/options for the following elements can be saved to the Browser:

When an element in one of the above formats is created, the settings that were active when Set as Default was executed will be applied, respectively. The saved presets can be found in the Content Browser in the Presets/Defaults directory. These presets can also be deleted from this location.

Make sure you execute this command only with newly-created elements. Otherwise unwanted presets may result. For example, shaders in deactivated material channels will be taken into account.

Although, a few exceptions do exist: