Cinema 4D / BodyPaint 3D Program Documentation Reference Cinema 4D Cinema 4D Prime Views and Viewports
Function available in CINEMA 4D Prime, Visualize, Broadcast, Studio & BodyPaint 3D


On this menu you will find display-related options such as the shading mode.

To switch on real-time antialiasing, enable the Antialiased Lines option on the Hardware OpenGL page of the preferences.

Shading modes

The shading modes described in these pages apply to inactive objects. You can also define these settings separately for each view using the viewport settings.

The modes:

can be combined with the modes:

Test the various combinations to discover a wealth of possibilities!

Gouraud Shading

The highest quality display mode for viewports. All objects are shaded with smoothing and light sources are taken into account. The redraw rate is affected most by processor speed and graphics card speed — the faster your CPU and graphics display card, the faster scenes will redraw. If the display update becomes too slow, try reducing the size of the viewport.

Gouraud Shading (Lines)

In this mode you can add wireframes or isoparms to the Gouraud shading by choosing Wireframe or Isoparms from the Display menu.

Quick Shading

This is almost identical to Gouraud Shading. The difference is that the auto light is used instead of the scene’s lights to calculate the shading. This can lead to a faster redraw rate.

Quick Shading (Lines)

In this mode you can add wireframes or isoparms to the Quick shading by choosing Wireframe or Isoparms from the Display menu.

Constant Shading
Constant Shading (Lines)

This option lets you display constant shading only or constant shading in conjunction with the wire frame.

Hidden Line

In contrast to Lines mode, hidden lines are not displayed.


The Lines mode allows the complete display of the polygon mesh including hidden lines. The lines are colored by the textures.


The wireframe mode draws lines on the objects if combined with a mode that allows this such as Gouraud Shading (Lines).


This mode displays isoparm lines for objects that use them such as Generator objects. Other objects such as polygon objects will be displayed in wireframe. This mode will only have an effect if used in combination with a mode that supports it such as GGouraud Shading (Lines).


This mode displays each object as a box. Each box has the same dimensions as the object it represents. Box is the second fastest display mode available, making it useful for extremely demanding scenes.


This is the fastest display mode of all. It is only suitable for hierarchical structures. Each object origin is shown as a small dot and the dots are connected according to the hierarchy. This mode can be useful for character animation. Not only is it extremely fast, it also removes all non-critical lines to expose the skeleton.