Cinema 4D / BodyPaint 3D Program Documentation Reference Cinema 4D Cinema 4D Prime Structure Manager
Function available in CINEMA 4D Prime, Visualize, Broadcast, Studio & BodyPaint 3D

Mode Menu

All modes operate independently of the tool that you are using in the viewport. For example, you can process points in the Structure manager while working on polygons in the viewport. If you want the elements selected in the Structure manager to be shown in the viewport also, you must change to the appropriate tool. For example, if points are shown in the Structure manager, select the Points tool from the left toolbar.

Depending on the mode selected, Cinema 4D will automatically switch to the respective/fitting component mode. The same will happen if you click on an element in the first column.


In Point mode, the coordinates of the selected object’s points are shown in the Structure manager. If the selected object is a Bezier Spline, the tangent values are shown also. No units are displayed; the unit of measurement is selected in the preferences and is assumed here. The display is organized as follows:


If C and D are identical, Cinema 4D interprets the polygon as a triangle.

If you are in Polygon mode, the index number of each corner point is displayed, as follows. A, B, C, D correspond to the respective index numbers of the three (or four) corner points of the polygon.


In UVW mode, the UVW coordinates of the polygons of the object are displayed as follows:

Vertex Map

If you are in Vertex Map mode, the weighting values for the points are shown. The value for a point ranges from 0 to 1.


If you are in N-Gons mode, the index number of each polygon and n-gon corner point is displayed.


The vector coordinates of the Normals of an object to which a Normal tag is assigned can be displayed (arranged according to polygons).

Vertex Colors

In this mode, colors will be displayed per vertex. Depending on the Vertex Color tag’s Vertex Colors setting, the difference will be as follows:

SDS Weights per Vertex

This mode shows the Subdivision Surface weighting for each vertex on the geometry. The object must have a corresponding tag assigned to it.

SDS Weights per Edge

This display mode lists the SDS edge weighting. The list is arranged according to polygons and their maximum 4 edges (the 3rd column will remain empty for triangles). The polygon weighting is also contained indirectly since these basically display a uniform weighting of all polygons that make up the edges.