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Function available in CINEMA 4D Studio

Cappuccino Tool

Cappuccino is an integrated motion capture tool. It enables you to create life-like motion for your characters, from a head nodding in agreement to a gecko catching a fly with its tongue.

With Cappuccino you can quickly create all kinds of realistic movements for your 3D characters and models, simply by recording mouse movements.

Take an object, activate the function and drag it around the viewport. All movements of your mouse will be captured and recorded frame by frame in the object’s animation track.

Cappuccino is good for setting secondary motions such as the movement of pigtails which you really don’t want to animate manually. Furthermore, you can more easily animate vehicles using the top view or move planes or birds across the sky.

Cappuccino produces a large amount of unnecessary keys since it sets a key at every frame of the animation. It is generally a good idea to apply the Key Reducer after using Cappuccino.

Since Cappuccino creates very many keyframes (one per frame), a large number of superfluous keyframes are generated. Hence, it is advisable to apply the KeyReducer after using Cappuccino.

If you want to animate the object size, please note the following Tip