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When Pane

Here you can define the time frame for the recording or choose to simply get going without being tied down to a specific time frame.

Range, From, To

Use this drop‑down list to choose one of four different settings that limit the range of the recording.


This option uses the project settings of Cinema 4D (Edit / Project Settings), where you can set the frame rate (frames per second) as well as he total number of frames in the Timeline. If, say, the project settings are set to a range of 0 to 90 frames and this option is selected, Cappuccino will only record 91 frames and no more.


With Preview selected, the preview range in the Timeline will be used to determine the extent of the recording.

Here, the Timeline’s preview range will be used. For example, if the preview range markers are set to frames 25 and 50, keys will be recorded from frames 25 to 50 only. This range must be set in the Timeline first.


This option uses the frame range defined in the render settings on the Output page.


When this option is chosen, user-defined settings can be entered manually in the Cappuccino dialog. The recording will take place between the frame numbers you set in the Start and End edit boxes.

Start at Current Time

Enabling this option will allow you to choose the starting point of your animation interactively. The current position of the time slider will define the frame at which recording begins. Simply move the time slider to the frame you want to record from and start recording.

Rewind Time

This will rewind the time slider to its initial starting point once the recording has stopped. If you are unsatisfied with the results of the recording, or just want to practice the movements, you can press the Start Realtime button once more and overwrite the previously recorded animation, frame for frame.

When you rewind and click Start Realtime again, existing keyframes will be overwritten, NOT deleted. For example, if you have previously captured frames 0 – 200 of your animation and only capture frames 0 –100 the second time around, frames 101 – 200 from the first time will be preserved. This can be useful if, say, you have recorded some animation and you are happy with the end of the recorded animation but you want to change the start — simply rewind and re-record over the frames that you want to change. Be careful not to record over the good part as well!