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Function available in CINEMA 4D Studio


Head: © Janine Pauke

Welcome to HAIR!

HAIR is guaranteed to satisfy all your needs regarding the creation of hair, feathers, fur, grass, twigs or anything else that requires the even arrangement of thin, fine items onto a surface.

HAIR and Multi-processors

When rendering, HAIR makes use of all available processor cores. But note that, for technical reasons, only a single core is used for the preparation phase (Status Bar: Preparing Hair … ). So, if you want to squeeze every bit of processing power it can be a good idea to spread the hair over multiple HAIR Objects.

Except where otherwise stated, all head models within the HAIR documentation are © Bunk Timmer.

Hair and the Physical Renderer

Even though Hair can be used in conjunction with the Physical Renderer it does, however, bear several disadvantages:


Modifications made for Cinema 4D R16

  • The previously separate Hair and Sketch and Toon renderers have been combined into one - the BiRender. This results in dramatically faster rendering and the ability to render Hair and Sketch and Toon effects together in a single Proeject:

Hair and Sketch and Toon effects in a single Project.

Several superfluous settings will no longer be needed. Otherwise, everything stays the same with regard to usage. Render results may, however, differ very slightly from previous results.

  • There are no more separate antialiasing settings. A very high antialiasing quality is used by default. For reflected hair or hair lying behind transparent surfaces - that will no always render correctly - the general antialiasing (Standard renderer) and sampling (Physical Renderer) settings in the Render Settings menu will apply.
  • Multi-passes must no longer be enabled in the Hair render settings (perviously the Render Post option). Now the general Multi-Pass settings in the main Render Settings menu can be used.
  • Fill Hair has been eliminated due to its numerous limitations (old Projects will be assigned a correspondingly greater amount of hair but the overall look can differ).