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Function available in CINEMA 4D Studio


Cut Guides

Cut Guide performs the same function as Delete Guide (deletes all selected or partially selected guides), with the exception that the deleted guides will not be cached.

Copy Guides

Use this option to copy selected guides. These can then be pasted with the next option (Paste Guide). This makes it possible to copy guides from one Hair object onto another.

Paste Guides

Use this option to past guides copied using Copy Guide.

Paste to New

Has the same function as Paste Guide, with the exception that a new Hair object will be created.

Delete Guides

Deletes all selected or partially selected guides.

Convert to Spline

Use this option to convert the guides of an active Hair object to a spline object with separate segments for each guide. Using the next option (Convert From Spline), the spline object can be converted back to a normal Hair object.

Convert from Spline

Use this option to convert a selected spline (not Spline Primitives!) to guides. A guide will be created around each spline segment. This option’s primary purpose is to convert hair imported into Cinema 4D from other applications as splines to guides. Normally, Hair uses relatively few spline points when creating guides. Since guide segments are created practically equal in length, guides can differ quite a bit from the splines. If so, activate Current State to Object for the spline. This will subdivide the spline and the guides will then match the splines more closely.

Connect Guides

Select several Hair objects and invoke this option. All guides will be copied to a newly created Hair object. The guide will be unrooted but can easily be replanted using the Set Roots option.

Split Guides

All selected or partially selected guides will be deleted from the active Hair object and copied onto a newly created Hair object.

Make sure the newly created Hair object is set to Auto with regard to hair distribution (which actually reflects the As Guides mode). See also Hairs tab.

Even Segments

If the distance between guide points is irregular, use this option to even them out. The distance between guide points can become uneven if, for example, the hair IK is turned off. The shape of the guides will largely remain unchanged. In particular, uneven spacing between guide points can lead to unwanted results when using hair dynamics.

Set As Dynamics

Use this option to set an initial state for dynamics. The following will result:

See also Dynamics tab.

Hairs to Guides

Use this option to convert any and all hair to be rendered (Hair object: Hairs tab / Count) to guides. New guides will be interpolated between existing guides. Hair materials will not be evaluated.

The distribution of hair will automatically be set to As Guides in the Hairs tab.

Unroot Guides

Use this option to unroot all selected or partially selected guides. The pros and cons of this are explained in Unroot guide. Unrooted guides can be replanted using the Set Roots option.