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Function available in CINEMA 4D Prime, Visualize, Broadcast, Studio & BodyPaint 3D

Getting to Know

Graphics Tablet

BodyPaint 3D supports all graphics tablets which conform to the WinTab standard, such as the Wacom range.

The pen pressure, pen tilt, pen direction and pen finger wheel are all supported.

For details on how to link these input methods to your brush settings, see Effectors.

BodyPaint 3D-Specific Layouts

Both BodyPaint 3D Layouts

When editing the UV mesh or painting onto objects, you will primarily work in one of the 2 BodyPaint 3d layouts BodyPaint 3D UV Edit or BodyPaint 3D Paint (the layouts can be selected at the top-right of the user interface). The layouts will provide the corresponding Managers and command palettes.

Painting in the Viewport

High quality when painting (incl. cast shadows, evaluation and Normal textures, etc.).

The following material channel textures can be displayed by the Viewport and are suitable for interactive editing in BodyPaint 3D:

Additional channel textures are also displayed (Environment, Normal) but it doesn’t make sense to paint these.

Basically, all applied textures, even if they are not displayed in the Viewport (e.g., Displacement texture) can be displayed via the Display Selected Channel and painted.

Limitations for painting