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Function available in CINEMA 4D Prime, Visualize, Broadcast, Studio & BodyPaint 3D

Component Modes

The component modes described below Point, Edge, Polygon can be used to perform initial modifications on polygon objects - the tools for this can be found primarily in the main menu’s Mesh menu.


Copying selected points and polygons between objects

In both the Point and Polygon modes, selected elements can be copied or cut in the viewport using the Ctrl/Cmd + c or Ctrl/Cmd + x and Ctrl/Cmd + v keys. If no polygon object is selected when pasting, a new object will be created accordingly.

The aforementioned function also works with multiple selections, whereby copied elements of several objects - depending on the number of selected target objects - can be combined. If no object is selected, multiple objects will be created accordingly.

If on the other hand elements from a single object are copied to multiple selecte objects, each target object will receive the copies.

Copying only works in point-to-poing or polygon-to-polygon modes.

Note that elements will be pasted using the local coordinate system of the selected object, i.e., if the coordinate system of the copied objects differs from that of the object on which elements will be pasted - e.g., because one is reversed - the copied elements will be rotated accordingly.

This won’t happen if the shift key is pressed during pasting. All copied elements will be copied/cut usig the world coordinate system and pasted congruently.

If copied/cut elements have other properties such as UVs, vertex maps, etc., these will be assigned to the object in the most reasonable way, in as far as a corresponding tag has already been assigned to it.

If an object, for example, has multiple vertex maps, only the first Vertex Map tag will be taken into consideration when a polygon is copied.

If, on the other hand, the target object has multiple vertex maps, all of them will be taken into consideration when a polygon is copied.