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Cloth Cache Tool


Cloth Cache Tool

This tool lets you subsequently precisely edit stored calculations of simulations. This is often necessary since Cloth is a physical simulation that, despite its realistic results, may have to be fine-tuned occasionally if a fold here or a wrinkle there is not visually quite right.

How does the Cache tool work?

First, you will need a saved calculated simulation. Next, call up the Cache tool (from the Simulate Cloth menu) and select a point on the cloth object.

Left: Only one point selected; right: All points selected. The piece of cloth is hanging from the point at the top left.

An editable spline is now displayed as the selected point’s motion path.

If you approach a point on the spline with the cursor, the temporal area, which the Cache tool will influence will change color (Frames + / - setting).

Simplyclick on and drag a spline point.

The following keyboard shortcuts are available:

You can press J at any time to move back-and-forth interactively in the animation.

Since the Undo command can’t handle complex objects or long animations, the Load … and Save … options in the Cache tab give you the opportunity to load or save your calculated simulations as you work.

The saved simulation uses local coordinates, which means the object can be easily moved and rotated without it jumping back to its original animation.