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Cloth Tag

Basic Tag Forces Dresser Cache Expert


Cache Mode

When this mode is enabled, the cloth engine will look at the stored calculations of the simulation. This allows for fast playback of the animation without having waiting on the engine to solve for the cloth.


Use this setting to define the temporal offset for the cached solution.

Example: The saved solution contains an animation that runs from frame 0 to 50. If Start is set to 20 the animation will run from frame 20 to 70.

Calculate Cache

This is the function that will create the stored calculations for the cloth engine to read. After being executed, the engine will begin playing through the animation as it stores the calculations into memory. After the calculation is finished, Cache Mode will be automatically enabled and will begin reading the cached solution.

You can observe the percentage of the scene that has been calculated for through the static text display in the Attribute Manager. This is located right next to the Calculate Cache button. The amount of memory that the cached solution takes up can also be observed in this same area.


Displays the percentage of the scene that has already been calculated.

Empty Cache

This deletes the stored calculations from memory. After emptying the cache, the cloth will return to its Initial State.


Displays the amount of memory required by a given solution.

Update Frame

Many times after a simulation has been cached, there are a few frames that need settings to be adjusted in order to get the cloth to react or collide correctly. After having cached a solution for the Cloth Simulation and finding some of these errors, the settings within the Cloth tag can be adjusted and re-simulated. After those settings have been adjusted properly, the Update Frame command will update only the current scene frame for the cached solution.

To adjust and re-simulate the cloth settings just disable the Cache Mode checkbox so the Cloth engine will look at the tag and not the cached solution.


Save … lets you save the saved solution as a separate file to a specific location. Since the amount of data involved would overwhelm the normal undo command, the Save … option lets you save a specific starting state. This state can then be loaded using the Load … option.

The value displayed in this field represents the amount of memory, in MB, that a given solution will require. If the solution’s size reaches the value in this field the solution can be deleted using the undo command. This becomes necessary if a given solution requires a large amount of memory and thus slows the operation of the application. Executing the undo command will free up the memory.