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Function available in CINEMA 4D Prime, Visualize, Broadcast, Studio & BodyPaint 3D
Complex Noise

Preview Basic Outputs Noise Modulation Context


These settings can be used to add distortion layers to the generated pattern that can have their own noise type.

Noise Modulation [0..0.5]

This setting can be used to adjust the intensity of the additional distortion.

Noise Modulation Type

Here you will find a selection menu for an additional noise pattern that can be used to create additional variations.

Octaves [0..20]

This setting can be used to control the level of detail of the modulated noise structure. Larger values will create more variations in the pattern; smaller values will lead to a loss of contrast and detail as well as a blurring of the structure.

Lacunarity [0.1..10]

This setting is available for several noise modulation types and can be used to adjust the level of detail in the gaps between fractals. In general, the amount of information between the structures will reduce with increasing values.

Gain [0.1..4]

This setting can be used to smooth the transitions between regions of different brightness for several noise modulation types. Larger values will produce correspondingly more blur and loss of detail.

Noise Modulation Scale [%]

This setting can be used to define individual scaling values for noise modulation.

Animation [-100..100]

The selected modulation structures can be modified over a period of time. Use this value to define the speed with which this modification should take place.

Exponent [0.1..5]

This value is available for the noise types Displaced Voronoi, Voronoi 1, Voronoi 2 and Voronoi 3 and can be used to affect the contrast within the Voronoi structure in particular.