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Function available in CINEMA 4D Prime, Visualize, Broadcast, Studio & BodyPaint 3D
Complex Noise

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Here you will find the settings that can be used to define the color and basic structure of the color variations.

Noise Type

Here you can select the mathematical pattern type that should be used as basis for mixing colors. The available patterns are identical to those of the Noise Shader.

Knot Position [0..100%]
Bias Position [0..100%]

Details about using the color gradient can be found under Color Gradient in Nodes.

Contrary to the color gradients for the Base Color Gradient node, the selected coors will be shown in combination with the Noise Type. The basic use, however, remains the same as with the color gradients.

Octaves [0..20]

This setting can be used to adjust the level of detail of the noise structure. Larger values will create correspondingly more variations in the pattern. Smaller values will produce correspondingly less contrast and details as well as to a blurring of the structure.

Seed [-∞..+∞]

This is a numeric value that serves as a basis for the calculation of the pattern. Modifying this value will create a new variation of the selected pattern type.

Lacunarity [0.1..10]

This setting is available for several Noise Types and can be used to adjust the level of detail in the gaps between fractals. In general, the density of information between the structures is reduced with increasing values.

Gain [0.1..4]

This setting can be used to smooth the transitions between regions of different brightness for several noise types. Larger values will produce correspondingly more blur and loss of detail.

Global Scale [-∞00..+∞00%]

This setting is a multiplier for the proportional scaling of the noise structure.

Scale [%]

These are individual scaling values for all spatial axes. All three scaling values will only be used if 3D coordinates are used for Projection.

Animation [-100..100]

The selected noise structure can also be modified over a period of time. Use this setting to define the speed with which the modification should take place.

Exponent [0.1..5]

This value is available for the noise types Displaced Voronoi, Voronoi 1, Voronoi 2 and Voronoi 3 and can be used to affect the contrast within the Voronoi structure in particular.

Noise Sub Level [0..100%]

This setting can be used to add additional variation within the selected noise pattern. Larger values will generally lead to a reduction of contrast and thus to softer transitions between colors.

Noise Temperature [-∞00..+∞00%]

This setting can be used to change the color temperature of the color gradient. Negative values will produce a cool, blueish color; positive values will produce a warmer, reddish color.


Here you can define a projection type for the noise pattern. The available projection types are for the most part identical to the Texture tag’s projections. Selecting None (Use 3D Coordinates), the noise will be rendered three-dimensionally and thus varied within an object’s volume.