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Function available in CINEMA 4D Prime, Visualize, Broadcast, Studio & BodyPaint 3D

Morph Track

Basic Properties

Morph Track

You can use this track to let one object morph smoothly into another. This can be done using polygonal objects, spline objects as well as with primitives and spline primitives. You only have to make sure that both respective objects contain an equal number of points. For example, a sphere cannot be morphed into a cube since a sphere contains many more points.

Morphing is meant to morph modified duplicates of an object together. This morphing can, for example, be applied to a sphere that was forced into the shape of a cube using the Magnet Tool.

In order to morph an object a target object is required (duplicate of the original object).

We would like to stress again, that target objects are duplicates of the original objects. The original state of the object to be morphed must exist.

Tip 2
If, when creating target objects, you want to align the copies of the original object along a specific axis, use the Use Model Tool and not the Use Object Tool!

The following example will shed some light on this:

In this example, a morph animation is used to make spikes emerge from a sphere. This is how it’s done:

That’s it. If you drag the Timeslider you will see how the sphere morphs between the Target1 to Target2 shapes.

The Pose Morph tag lets you create morphs much more smoothly.