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Dynamics Body Tag

Basic Dynamics Collision Mass Force Soft Body Cache


More information regarding baking Dynamics can be found under Cache.

Multiple selection can be used to bake several specific objects at once.

Local Coordinates

This option is referenced during baking. If enabled, the coordinates to be baked will be seen as local, i.e., if you place the associated object below another in the hierarchy, this object’s coordinate system will be the one used. If disabled, global coordinates will be used.

Include Collision Data

The XPresso Dynamics Collision node also requires collision information after baking. This information must therefore be saved. The disadvantage in doing so is the amount of memory needed, which can end up slowing your computer down. This option is disabled by default, i.e., if you see that collisions are not working as desired after baking (and the Collision node was used!), enable this option and bake again.

Bake Object

Bakes only the object to which the tag is assigned in the (temporal) preview range.

Clear Object Cache

Clears the local cache.

Bake All
Clear All Caches

Using these buttons, Dynamics for an entire Project can be baked (or cleared). This function should be familiar to you from the Preferences. Since these buttons are available here you do not have to switch to the Preferences menu to access them.


Displays the memory required by the cache files and the amount by which the scene file size will increase if the object is baked.

Use Cached Data

Temporarily disable the use of cache files.