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Dynamics Body Tag

Basic Dynamics Collision Mass Force Soft Body Cache

Dynamics Body Tag

The Dynamics Body tag contains the object-relevant properties of both the Rigid and Soft Bodies and is therewith the most important control element for Dynamics.

The Dynamics Body tag has five available modes, each with its own icon:

1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

  1. This is the state the tag will assume as soon as an object (depending on tag settings) is seen as an element that is completely influenced by Dynamics.

  2. If an object is only defined as a collision object (and cannot itself be moved by Dynamics) - e.g., if the tag is assigned to a Floor object - the tag will look like this. The same applies for object baked using a MoGraph Cache tag.

  3. If the tag is disabled its icon will be grayed out. The tag will no longer have an effect.

  4. The special Ghost mode registers collisions but does not make objects repel upon collision.

  5. The object can be deformed by forces as a Soft Body

So don’t be surprised if some of the parameters described below are not available - these will only be made available if they actually have an effect on a given element.