Reference Cinema 4D Advanced Features Dynamics Dynamics
Function available in CINEMA 4D Broadcast, Studio

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When disabled, Dynamics will have turned off globally, even when the time in the Timeline keeps running. The Dynamics objects will simply stop moving. Once the option is enabled the simulation will continue from that point on.

Disable on Skip Frame

If you move back-and-forth in the Timeline you may often be forced to pause while Dynamics calculates the objects’ positions so they can be displayed in the Viewport. If this option is enabled, no Dynamics calculations will take place when jumping to a new location along the Timeline. This can make working with animations much easier. This option has no effect on the rendered result.

Time Scale [0..+∞%]

Since MoGraph Dynamics are based on the Bullet engine, certain units must be converted by Cinema 4D to units compatible with the Bullet engine. This is done using several factors, including Time Scale. Values around 1 let you create slow-motion or time-lapse Dynamics simulations. Extreme values however will result in faulty calculations, which can in part be compensated for by increasing the Steps per Frame value.

Note that a modified Time Scale value will lead to a different result due to the calculation imperfections inherent to Dynamics simulations.

Values of 0 can even halt the effect of Dynamics. Other values can be defined at a later point at which the Dynamics simulation will continue its effect. If the camera is animated ("walked") around the elements while Dynamics is halted, the infamous Bullet Time® effect - made famous by several Hollywood films and commercials - can be simulated.

Bullet Time® is a registered trademark of Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc.

Gravity [-∞..+∞m]

Defines the default gravitational force.

Note that the gravity can also be assumed by the Gravity Object modifier. This bears the advantage that it can be restricted spatially for creating interesting effects (see sample image: Linear Velocity Threshold). For this, Gravity must be set to 0.

Density [0..+∞]

Define the standard density that should be applied to all Clones affected by MoGraph Dynamics. See also the Use parameter, with which the density can be defined at object level.

Air Density [0..+∞]

This parameter works in conjunction with the Aerodynamics. This is basically a Project-wide multiplier for the Air Friction and Lift settings. The larger the value, the more dense the air will be. A value of 0 will disable the effect completely.