Configuration Preferences Import/Export COLLADA COLLADA 1.4 Import
Function available in CINEMA 4D Prime, Visualize, Broadcast, Studio & BodyPaint 3D
COLLADA 1.4 Import

COLLADA 1.4 Import

As with VRML 2 imports, Normal tags are created for each object that contains surfaces. See import Normals for more details.

Spline Subdivision Factor [1..2147483647]

Defines how "round" the Splines contained in the COLLADA file will be displayed. To be exact, this value defines the number of subdivisions to be created. Larger values will result in a smoother, rounder shape, lower values can go as far as creating a square out of a circle.

Import 2D geometry

Disable this option if you only want to import geometry and do not want to import Splines (or lines imported as Splines).

Depending on the program from which the COLLADA files are exported, geometry may contain lines that will be imported into Cinema 4D as Splines. These will then be superfluous in Cinema 4D.

Import animation

An animation’s Position, Scale and Rotation will be imported.

Fix transparency for incompatible files

When importing files from SketchUp it can occur that all materials are interpreted as transparent. Enabling this option prevents this and imports the materials correctly.