Cinema 4D Prime Configuration Preferences Import/Export DXF Import/Export
Function available in CINEMA 4D Prime, Visualize, Broadcast, Studio & BodyPaint 3D

DXF Import


This factor can be found at numerous locations throughout Cinema 4D when importing or exporting foreign formats. Therefore, don’t be surprised if the term ,export’ is used if this factor is seen in an import function (this factor is explained as a whole here).

This factor lets you scale files upon import/export, i.e., practically all relevant numerical values saved in the file or those to be saved will be multiplied by this factor and then saved - or interpreted when loaded.

The unit at the right in turn defines how upon

More information about units and scaling can be found in the Project Scale section.

Circle Subdivision [12..500]

Determines the number of polygon segments used for subdividing circle segments.


DXF files often consist of many small elements. During loading, Cinema 4D attempts to combine elements of the same color (By Color), layer (By Layer) or not at all (No).

Frozen Layers

Enable this option if you want to convert frozen (i.e. hidden) layers in the DXF file when loading. Many CAD programs offer the option to freeze temporary or unused layers.

2D Elements

Specifies whether two-dimensional DXF elements should be converted when loading a file.

Align Normals

Cinema 4D assumes that all surfaces of an object are uniformly aligned. This is not necessarily the case with DXF files. If adjacent surfaces are differently aligned, their normal vectors point in different directions. During rendering, this can result in unwanted color jumps. Cinema 4D uses this option to re-align adjacent surfaces to the same direction.

Triangulate Polygons

DXF files may contain three-dimensional polygons. Cinema 4D can triangulate these if this option is enabled. This means that the inscribed surface is generated as a 3D object. This is useful in most cases and therefore is the default setting. Unless the option is disabled, polygon lines are converted, which is useful for further processing in Cinema 4D.