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Function available in CINEMA 4D Broadcast, Studio
Formula Field

Basic Coord. Field Subfields Remapping Color Remap Direction



The Field type can be changed here. The settings will change accordingly in the Field menu. Any layer settings that were defined in the Field list, such as Remapping or color settings, will be maintained.


Enter a formula here that can contain the variables described below.


These variables can be used within a given formula.

Note that not every variable works with every object. For example, if you have a Field list in a Deformer, there will, for example, be no color or angle value (contrary to clones, individual object points have no scale/orientation).

px,py,pz - Position

X, Y or Z coordinates.

rx,ry,rz - Rotation

Rotation in each dimension.

sx,sy,sz - Scale

Scaling in each dimension.

u,v,w - UVW

These variables can be used to include UV coordinates in a given formula (see About UVW Mapping in MoGraph for UV dispersion for MoGraph objects).

id - Component Index

The unique index number for each element (polygonal objects, for example, have the point index displayed in the Structure Manager; clones the index that can be displayed via the Display option). id>10, for example, affects all elements completely whose id > 10.

count - Component Count

The number of components (e.g., clone or point count).

subfields - Falloff weight

The Falloff value for each element (defined by the settings in the Subfields tab).

t,d - Time, Delta Time [-∞..+∞%]

f - Frequency [-∞..+∞]

A multiplier that can be adjusted using a slider.