Cinema 4D Basic Features Create Menu Field Field Layers
Function available in CINEMA 4D Prime, Visualize, Broadcast, Studio & BodyPaint 3D




This Field Layer is designed for advanced users and is not that easy to understand.

This layer uses sub-fields (open the channel converter and place Fields in the Source field), takes individual channels (values, color, orientation or even components) of this sub-field and converts them to others. For example, the sub-field’s color component red can be used to control the channel converter’s value channel.

Make sure that the sub-field’s channels as well as the channel converter itself are active when the respective channel should be converted.

If parameter name and option match, the respective values will be passed through unchanged (e.g., Value is set to Value or Red is set to Red).

To get a feeling for how the channel converter works, place a Constant Field Layer in Source. This will define exactly one value, one color and one direction. This makes it easier to understand how the channel converter works.


2 separate but congruent spheres. The sphere on the left delivers direction via a Normal tag, which is converted to colors by the sphere on the right in a Vertex Color tag using a channel converter.