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Function available in CINEMA 4D Broadcast, Studio

MoGraph Field Layer


MoGraph Field Layer

Here a Matrix (3 Spherical Fields define the weighting) affects a second Matrix via a MoGraph object layer.

This is a special type of layer. It brings a weighting functionality ,as is described for the Weight Transform function, to the Fields.

Note, however, that the weighting function has become less important with the introduction of Fields. With Fields it’s much easier to achieve similar results in a more transparent and more powerful fashion. Therefore, this layer is really only designed for special uses.

What exactly does this layer do? When a new layer is created, you can select a clone-generating object (Cloner object, Matrix, MoInstance, etc., i.e., any object that can work with Effectors) whose weighting appears as a layer in the Field list. You can also drag the object directly into the list (the object name will be assumed; the MoGraph Field Layer will not be found under its name in the Field list).

This clone-generating object as a whole will be displayed as a Field object (whereby only the weighting will work).

the layer can also read out colors and weighting in addition to values.