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Function available in CINEMA 4D Prime, Visualize, Broadcast, Studio & BodyPaint 3D

Layer Radius

Layer Controls


Each time this button is clicked, the current content will overwrite the Freeze Layer in accordance with the selected Mode. Furthermore, all Layers will be taken into consideration, i.e., what you see is what you get. Or put differently, the current layer effect will be baked.

If Mode is set to Grow, repeated clicking on this button will call up the same growing effect as if you would play an animation.


Click on this button to delete the Freeze Layer’s contents.


This setting defines how the values saved in the Freeze Layer will be processed. These settings modify values for each frame of animation (enable Auto Update or soften the values (e.g., by setting Mode to Average) to do so).

What each modes does can be read here. For Grow, please refer to the main Freeze page.


If this option is enabled, the Freeze function will be called up for each frame of animation.

An expanson or contraction of the effect’s range will result, depending on which Mode is defined. You can, for example, generate Vertex Maps that expand from a small point.These can in turn be combined with a Noise Field, for example in the Field list, which will produce an irregular growth.

Subfields Only

Just for fun, create an Invert Layer after a Freeze Layer and then create a growth effect. You will see that a new inversion is created after each frame of animation and a flickering will be produced. In such cases, enable the Subfields Only option so the Freeze Layer ignores all other Layers (and at the most all Layers in the Radius tab)) except for itself in the Field list.

Radius [0..+∞m]

Use this setting to define the Radius for the selected Mode. If, for example, Max is selected and the current point cannot find a maximum value within the defined Radius, no new weighting will be assigned to this point.

The smaller the value, the more locally restricted the effect will be and, in some circumstances, no growth effect will take place. The Radius value must then be increased.

A Field list is integrated in the Radius tab for this setting with which the Radius setting can be affected.

Effect Strength [0..+∞%]

Use this setting to affect the speed of growth. Smaller values produce correspondingly slower speeds, larger values increase speeds accordingly.