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Function available in CINEMA 4D Visualize, Broadcast, Studio

Volume Object Field Layer


Volume Object Field Layer

A Volume object affects a Vertex Map and a group of clones.

This Field creates a connection to the Volumes in Cinema 4D. Volume Builders, Volume Sets, Volume Objects, etc., can be applied directly in the Field list. Don’t forget that objects that are made up of Voxels are grid-shaped objects that have a value for each Voxel. These values can be read ("sampled") by a Volume Object Layer and in turn create an effect using Effectors, Deformers, tags, etc.

Fog objects can mostly be used directly (since these have values in the area of 0 and 1). The Distance Field object is somewhat more complicated since its Voxel values lie outside of the range 0-1. Therefore, the following is suggested:

Volume objects can either: